[Recruiting] - Product Specialist - For Pharmacy/Nurse/Food Science/ Nutrition or related fields

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    [Recruiting] - Product Specialist - For Pharmacy/Nurse/Food Science/ Nutrition or related fields - Based in Ha Noi - Up to $1000

    Job Description:

    A. Product trainings activities (80%):

    1. Advice and train regarding products in details to customers.
    2. Create promo-materials comply as FDA regulations and attractive to customers.
    3. Assist in new product introduction and release activities.
    4. Provide regular high-impact nutritional and product training to small and large groups.
    5. Collect complaints from customers and finding solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
    6. Stay up-to-date with product knowledge and market dynamic.
    7. Maintain complete documentations for all product related activities

    B. Other activities (20%):

    - Assist Regulatory & Marketing team by giving necessary product information when needed.


     Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy/Nurse/Food Science/ Nutrition or related fields.
     Must be able to communicate with all levels of customer and excellent advice and training skills in order to create, maintain and enhance customer relationships
     High proficiency in standard office computer applications, especially Power Point program.
     Fluent in English (spoken and written)
     At least 2 year working at the same position

    Interested candidates please submit your CV to yen.hoang@hr2b.com or if you need more information kindly inbox me
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